Lotus EZ

A truly reliable, user-friendly desktop resin 3D Printer.
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Why the Lotus EZ is
a great resin printer.

Build platform

Through innovative design and the use of precision manufacturing the build platform and attachment come out of the box perfectly level and will never require calibration.
Its sloped top allows resin to quickly return to the resin vat upon lifting, reducing wastage.
Attaching/detaching the build platform is intuitive. Magnets keep the build platform steadily in place and allow for easy detachment.

Resin vat

Smart design elements featured on the build platform can also be found on the resin vat as the resin vat too has magnets for easy installation and removal.
The edges of the resin vat are sloped inwards and has pouring sprouts in all corners for ease of pouring resin in and out of the vat.

LCD screen

To keep the LCD screen safe, it’s spring-loaded internally and protected by a durable screen protector. In combination with our innovative build platform design, this eliminates any risk of damage.
Not only has the build platform been designed to never need leveling, but also to disengage when too much upwards pressure is applied. If your build platform does push into the LCD display, it will simply disengage, avoiding damage.


Cables and wires are messy. Apart from the power cable and the optional use of an Ethernet cable, the Lotus EZ is completely wireless.
All you need to initiate a print, is any network enabled device that support a web browser.


Reliably producing high quality prints and
easy to use.

Not only is the Lotus EZ innovative with its smart design, it is also super easy to use and capable of reliably producing high quality resin prints.

Dashboard & Software

Whilst designing the Lotus EZ dashboard we put an emphasis on a user-friendly interface with additional functionality for advanced users.
We’ve modified the latest NanoDLP software and tailored it to the needs of the user.

Quiet printer

Typically 3D-printers produce a lot of noise. Not with the Lotus EZ.
The Lotus EZ features the quietest available parts such as the TMC2100 stepper driver and Gelid Ultra-Quiet fans.

Ease of use

What we’ve found is that working with resin printers often involves a steep learning curve. As such we’ve specifically design the Lotus EZ to be as easy to use as possible.
Featuring an intuitive building platform, resin vat, and dashboard, we strive to turn the printing process into an easy and efficient one.

Full Control

Fully Wi-Fi enabled, the Lotus EZ can be easily controlled on any device that supports a web browser using the easy-to-use dashboard.

Always level

CNC-machined to perfection, the build platform comes out of the box level and will never require calibration.

EZ on – EZ off

Magnets are located throughout the Lotus EZ so attaching and detaching the resin vat and building platform is a breeze.


Build volume
120 x 68 x 175 mm
Curing source
A 15 x 3W LED Array
47.25 micron (0.04725 mm)
2.5 – 100 micron (0.0025 – 0.1 mm)
Lotus EZ dimenions (WxDxH)
210 x 210 x 400 mm

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