Lotus EZ 3D Printer

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The Lotus EZ is a truly user-friendly LCD Stereolithography (SLA) 3D Printer, designed and manufactured to the highest quality levels.

Product Description

Every aspect of the Lotus EZ, from its design to the way it is manufactured, was chosen specifically to ensure that everyone who presses the power button on the Lotus EZ enjoys what comes next. We love printing with the Lotus EZ and know you will too!

A number of innovative design features ensure that your experience will be as flawless as possible. This includes the use of CNC machining to achieve ultra precise parts, eliminating the need for time consuming calibrating, and the use of magnets to make attaching and removing parts simple and without hassle.

High quality build platform

The build platform and attachment are machined to the highest quality, meaning they are level and calibrated out of the box. The platform’s innovative design in combination with precision manufacturing mean it will never need levelling or calibrating. The top surface of the platform is sloped, allowing the resin to drip back into the resin vat, resulting in less wastage.

Innovative resin vat

The resin vat uses magnets to attach, meaning no messy spills or difficulty attaching it (more about the vat in our FAQ). The edges of the resin vat are sloped inwards, allowing spilled resin to flow back into the vat. The handy integrated pouring spouts in the four corners allow for ease of pouring resin in and out of the vat. The transparent bottom of the vat (FEP – fluorinated ethylene propylene) is raised and therefore protected in the vat. The FEP will never touch any flat surface when it’s taken off the printer, protecting the delicate FEP from accidental punctures.

LCD screen protection

To keep the LCD screen safe, it is spring-loaded internally and protected by a durable screen protector. This, in combination with our innovative build platform design, eliminates the risk of damage. We designed the build platform to not only never need leveling, but also to disengage when too much upwards pressure is applied. If your build platform does push into the LCD display, it will simply disengage, avoiding damage. This means more printing for you!

Wireless connection

We found that during our time developing and testing the Lotus EZ, we got pretty frustrated with cables and wires. So we decided the Lotus EZ should have as few as possible. Apart from the power cable and the possibility to connect via Ethernet cable, the Lotus EZ is completely wireless! All you need to initiate a print, is a device that has a WiFi antenna and a web browser.

Too EZ!

Printing with the Lotus EZ is really easy and intuitive. Simply connect to the printer, load up a file, pour in some resin and print. The video below will run you through the whole process from saving a design to printing.


Featured specifications

Build volume:
120 x 68 x 175 mm
Mono-resin support viable
Light source:
Integrated LED light
UV Wavelength:
405 nm
Wi-Fi, Hotspot, Ethernet
Operating system:
Modified version of NanoDLP on Raspbian
Quad-core 65-bit ARM Cortex A53 (Raspberry Pi 3 Model B)
Resin compatibility:
Compatible with Lotus Resin and third-party photopolymer LCD resins for 405nm UV wavelengths
In the box:
Lotus EZ 3D Printer, Accessories box, Quick start guide

Packaging & Delivery

Lotus EZ dimenions (WxDxH):
210 x 210 x 400 mm
Packaged dimensions (WxDxH):
280 x 270 x 560 mm
Lotus EZ weight:
6.2 kg
Packaged weight:
10 kg


Software bundle:
Modified version of NanoDLP
Supported file types:
.stl / .slc / .svg / .zip (.png files)
Supported browsers:
Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera

3D Printing Technology

Curing source:
A 15 x 3W LED Array
0.04725 mm or 47.25 micron
Z-Resolution range:
0.0025 – 0.1 mm or 2.5 – 100 micron
Print speed:
20 – 36 mm/h
Ambient operating temperature:
20 – 30 °C or 68 – 86 °F
AC input:
110V ~ 5.9A 50/60Hz 240V ~ 2.5A 50/60Hz
Power supply output:
12V DC 5A
Maximum power consumption:

In the box

  • Lotus EZ 3D printer
  • Quick start guide
  • Power cable
  • Power supply
  • Ethernet cable
  • FEP film
  • Aliminum funnel with strainer
  • Safety gloves
  • Metal spatula
  • Plastic spatula


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